Innovative solutions in specialist construction.

EngiSystems is a partner and distributor of geotechnical systems of a global producer, Nantong SupAnchor Geotechnical Systems Co. Ltd. Common goal of both these companies is production, development of high-quality anchoring systems and their distribution in geotechnical, tunnel and mining industry. The products consist of steel SupAnchor – type self-drilling rods, composite rock nails made of SupFRP-type carbon fibre and SupHulk- type expanding rock nails.

An offer of EngiSystems is an unique look at the processes of planning and execution of the investments, taking reasonable budget into consideration. Experience gained during execution of geotechnical projects with the use of self-drilling systems enables EngiSystems to provide project support from a concept to comprehensive executive project of Your investment.

EngiSystems provides also services within the scope of stressing and testing of geotechnical systems.It limits dislocations and deformations of a secured structure in case of ground anchors, whereas, in case of a system of soil nails and micropiles, it checks real bearing capacity of an element with reference to designing assumptions. EngiSystems has equipment and trained staff, which carries out tests in accordance with requirements of appropriate standards.