EngiSystems provides the so-called consultancy& personalization – on the basis of offered technologies and products, it enables Clients to create their own standard based on reliable technology, professionalism and efficient communication.

By choosing EngiSystems, You choose security, reliability and in reasonable budget high-quality products. All these factors help Clients of EngiSystems to increase their competitiveness on the market and to get more orders.

Designing and manufacturing options are the following:

  • improved bearing capacity of rods, without changing its diameter
  • reduced cost while maintaining quality and appropriate properties of steel
  • professional designing of a system and options of development

All these factors allow to create Your own, more competitive system.

The examples:

  • in 2012, one company ordered to create rod of high bearing capacity, however, without changing type of thread and weight. A rod of bearing capacity>1000kN was designed and manufactured. It enabled to get orders for Client worth over 15 million dollars.
  • a new rod for temporary anchor for the purposes of a special project in Asia was designed in 2006. A rod R32N/21 has a bearing capacity > 280kN and plastic capacity > 230kN and reduced unit weight from 3,4 kg/m to 2,9 kg/m. A rod R32N/21 has become widely used in Asia since 2007 and since 2011 in Europe.
  • in 2013, an European Client ordered to design and build a complete system of rock nails with an expansion head and new type of thread, tolerances, material, weight, bearing capacity and new type of anchoring nut with reference to dimension of SW wrench, length and hardness of steel. This product is widely used in Europe and has become a standard in construction industry.
  • using new standards, R32N/21, R32N/18,5, R38N/21 and R51N/33 rods were designed and manufactured in 2006, which are currently used all over the world.